Well just when you thought the viruses and parasites were done. Kate seems to be down with a case of dengue fever now and the little boy has caught himself a bit of a fever. As I said in the previous post, there isn't much you can do about dengue fever. There is no treatment/cure and the only way to not get it is to not be bitten by an infected mosquito. Luckily you just come down with a fever for a few days to a week and that's generally all that comes about with it. We are not sure where Isaac got his fever from. Perhaps it's just a side effect of him cutting his first tooth, but we'll be monitoring his temperature and any other symptoms that appear to better diagnose.

New Jersey Team
In other news, we just said goodbye to an amazing team from YWAM New Jersey. The team of 7 was on their outreach for their Discipleship Training Course (DTC). I hadn't heard about the DTC before, but apparently it is a shortened version of the full DTS for working adults. It is still very intense with class for 3 hours on Friday nights and 5 hours on Saturdays for a full 14 weeks. They then take a week of vacation time for outreach. 

They were here focused on evangelism and spreading the word for the crusade that starts here in St. Marc on the 27th. We went door to door in the area immediately surrounding the campus and also spent a couple days in a few villages in the Fifth Section. The team was definitely not shy and wouldn't let a silly thing like a language barrier stand in the way of sharing the good news of Jesus. Their boldness and courage was an inspiration to everyone who had the pleasure of working with them.

The Boroughs of New York City
On a less serious note, in turns out I had no idea what New York City looked like with all its boroughs. As the team described where they lived, Manhattan, New Jersey, Queens, or "Just across the bridge" I began to realize that New York City was a bit more complicated than I thought. 
You may laugh, but I honestly had to look up a map like the one above just to get an idea of where everything was. I feel much more confident I could get lost in NYC now if I ever found myself there.

Please be joining with us in prayer this week for Kate and Isaac that they would be 100% again and ready for the crusade that we have planned for next week. It's a massive event that has drawn thousands of people in the past and will be televised not only across Haiti but in parts of Florida and streamed online. 

I hope everyone is having a great evening and hopefully you are getting some decent weather! If you've been following us on facebook, then you'll know that we've had ourselves a bit of a string of health problems the past few weeks. Kate caught herself a parasite friend a couple weeks back (I haven't decided on a name for that one yet) and I just got over a bout of dengue fever. We are happy to report that now we are all set and ready to go again! Kate's parasite friend met an untimely end (service and memorial to be announced at a later time) and the dengue fever ran its course (Which I guess is about all you can do with dengue, but on the plus side it seems you can only get it a maximum of four times in your life. Woohoo I only have the possibility of three more times!)

On the update front, we said hello and goodbye to a small team of three ladies from Mulberry Church in Louisiana. Their church has been sending teams down here for a few years and it was good to welcome them back again. We went with them to distribute food to different villages within the Fifth Section and spent a day packing all of the food packs together. Our first stop was the 55 families living in Balalie. We got a chance to go and talk with someone from each of the families at their homes before giving over 30 lbs of food for each family. The second day saw us run into a bit of trouble with the people of Lubin, so instead of distributing food there we went to Poire. The people of Poire were very grateful for the food and reiterated their earlier desire for a church to be built in the village and for a pastor to be regularly ministering in the area. It is very encouraging to see the people receiving the Word of the Lord and turning around and expressing a desire to have more and more. 
In the title I mentioned parasites, bulls, and dengue, but if you are keeping score then you'll notice I haven't mentioned the bull yet. We returned from our day in Balalie and just as we were driving into the front gate of the property a bull jumped in front of us and started having a good ol' time in our front yard. Running, jumping, and spinning around were this bull's past times. For a split second I remembered my Colorado roots and almost decided to jump on the back of this bull, but then the realization set in that I was a city slicker engineer and I didn't even own a cowboy hat. So instead of wrestling this bull to the ground I let the two bull owners tie it up by its nose and lead it away. (Probably for the best, my experience with roping a bull entails all of sitting through a couple of rodeos.) 

On another side note, that happened to turn out to be a very exciting day. On top of the food distribution in Balalie and our very own rodeo, we got our very first taste of tear gas. The police had told us that there were hoodlums throwing rocks at the police next door to us, so one of their officers got a little gas happy and launched something like 8 canisters into the street (We think they just got a new tear gas launcher and were itching to try it out, who wouldn't?). In any case, the gas took about 20 minutes or so to clear out and the worst thing that came about was some watery eyes and runny noses.

Thank you again for keeping up with us! We would not be able to do the things we do if it wasn't for you!

Good afternoon everyone! We just wanted to stop and say thank you to everyone who stops by and hears about all the crazy adventures we have every day (If you are reading this then this thank you would be for you!). It is a real encouragement to keep on posting the updates when we see all the number of people that visit us each and every month.